Oregon Curb Appeal LLC
Job Description
Short term/part-time gig with limited hours that can be tailored around your schedule: Construction labor, landscaping (tree trimming, edging, mowing, weed-whacking, rose bush manicuring). $20-25 per hour depending on experience. Opportunity for long term employment, depending on experience, education, and attitude.
Must be able to pass a criminal background check. Must have reliable transportation for Salem and surrounding counties. NO DRUGS, including weed (medical card won't cut it when you are operating machinery/tools), NO ALCOHOL. Smokers need not apply, as one of our team members is severely chemically sensitive to all types of smoke, including smoke residue of any form that smokers of nicotine and weed would carry around on their person and clothes. Any evidence of substance use is cause for immediate termination and is non-negotiable. Proof of COVID vaccination is required. Must be punctual at all times (Remember the stage theater adage: "Early is on time, on time is late, and late is fired!"), as well as responsive to all work-related communications (email, phone calls, text). Must be respectful of all people. NO games or drama (unless acting in a skit or play) and NO politics. Care about those around you, be optimistic and open to correction, have great team/leadership skills, and you'll go far. Be anything else, and, well... you won't last.
If interested, forward resume via email, along with list of personal skills and talents. Portfolios accepted. Include ALL skill sets, experience, education. We have multiple small companies and can find work for talented, hardworking individuals in various fields/industries, with opportunity for growth. As such, additional background in industries like construction, automotive, manufacturing, graphic/web design, artisan/fine arts, and marketing/advertising would be a plus.
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